recycle cd dvd vhs near me

Disposing of old CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes can be a challenge. These outdated media formats cannot be recycled in the same way as paper or plastic, and they can release harmful chemicals if not disposed of properly. Fortunately, there are many recycling centers that accept these items. Here’s how to find them.

Search Online

The easiest way to find nearby recycling centers for CD, DVD, and VHS disposal is to search online. You can use search engines like Google or Bing, or you can use specialized recycling search engines like Earth911 or RecycleNation. Simply enter your location and the keywords “CD recycling,” “DVD recycling,” or “VHS recycling,” and you’ll get a list of nearby recycling centers.

Check with Local Recycling Centers

Another way to find CD, DVD, and VHS recycling centers near you is to check with your local recycling center. Many recycling centers accept these items, and some may even offer pickup services. Check with your city or county government to find out where your local recycling center is located.

If your CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes are still in good condition, consider donating or selling them instead of recycling them. Many libraries, schools, and charitable organizations accept donations of these items. You can also sell them online on websites like eBay or Amazon.

How to Prepare Your Discs for Recycling

Before you take your CDs, DVDs, or VHS tapes to a recycling center, be sure to prepare them properly. Remove any paper or plastic packaging, as well as any stickers or labels. If your discs are damaged, you can break them into small pieces to prevent them from being used again.

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Item Recyclable Materials
CDs Polycarbonate plastic, aluminum, lacquer, gold, silver
DVDs Polycarbonate plastic, aluminum, lacquer, gold, silver
VHS tapes Plastic, magnetic tape, metal


Recycling CDs, DVDs, and VHS tapes is an important step in reducing our impact on the environment. By finding nearby recycling centers and properly preparing your discs for recycling, you can ensure that these items are disposed of safely and responsibly. Don’t let your old media clutter up your home—recycle them today!